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Louis Armstrong II 20″ x 24 1/2

This is my second Louis Armstrong Photo Art piece. This one is a close up of him blowing his trumpet. You can see his fingers on the left and his instrument to his mouth. The same medium was used as in all my others, fabric and fusible tricot. Standing away from your monitor gives a better view.


Obama Fabric Photo Portrait

Obama Fabric Photo Portrait

Originally uploaded by diana.bracy

To obtain this image, I used a photograph that was scanned into my computer. Batik and hand dyed fabrics were used to finish the Art. Thousands of small pieces were used in this process. The colors are from the fabric and not from paint, even though it appears to look like a painting!

Ray Charles 15″ x 20″

Ray Charles 15″ x 20″

Originally uploaded by diana.bracy

When I finished this image, I did not really “see” the face and thought that I had made my first mistake in choosing colors. My husband loved it and saw the details of his gray hair, nose, sunglasses and teeth. Unimpressed, I hung it on the wall and continued with another piece. When I was looking at it close up, it looked like an abstract blob. Two days later, I was walking down my hallway and suddenly, I saw everything! It was hanging in anotther room and I was WOWED!
When you stand away the image seems to magically appear. So stand away from your computer and you will see it too. Some people even squint to make it clearer!