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Boulder City Arts Festival April 19 20 2008 (14)cropped

This is a photo of the Award that I received for the “Kennedy Brother’s Whispering” at Boulder City Fine Arts Festival, in Boulder City, Nevada. You can also see Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Louis Armstrong II 20″ x 24 1/2

This is my second Louis Armstrong Photo Art piece. This one is a close up of him blowing his trumpet. You can see his fingers on the left and his instrument to his mouth. The same medium was used as in all my others, fabric and fusible tricot. Standing away from your monitor gives a better view.

Blue ridge mountain waterfall

This image is the Blue Ridge Mountains waterfall in Virginia. When I heard about the tragic news at Virginia Tech, I remembered that I had a photograph in black and white. I selected blues, greens, silver, white and black as the main colors to try to recreate it with fabric. I was unsure if I could capture a realistic water scene. The piece is made from small strips, rectangles and squares of fabric. It took about 400 hours to complete. Each hour that I worked on this wall art, I had a serene sense of calmness. While listening to the tragic news, I was making this beautiful work of art and feeling the senseless loss of our children gone forever. The water seemed to flow and I imagined listening to the sounds as it passed over the rocks. It was like free spirits making a way through the waters. When I stood away from the piece it really did capture the entire scene and made it come alive. It is breath taking. It measures 30′ x 40″.

*****June 2003 FEATURED IN TREASURY WEST GALLERY*****by debrlinker

The Kiss 24″ x 25″

The Kiss 24″ x 25″

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This image was made with cotton fabrics and fusibles. It is called the kiss and shows silhouettes of two people with their heads together, ready for a kiss. This one took me two week to complete, workinf 10 hours each day.

Muhammed Ali 17 1/2″ x 18″

This piece was completed in 60+ hours. There were many 1/4 inch pieces in various areas of his face. I used my usual medium of cotton fabric, fusible and tricot. The art has been sprayed with acrylic and UV protectant spray. This reduces the chance of fading from sunlight.

This is a close up, so you may need to stand way from your computer monitor to see him clearer.

Marilyn Monroe 18″ x 20″

Marilyn Monroe 18″ x 20″

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This piece was made using hundreds of fabric pieces, some as little as 1/4 inch! The palette was made using 9 batik and handdyed fabrics. It appears like many more colors were used because the selected fabrics have several colors within one piece. The focus was to make her lips red and the palette called for the same color red in nose, eyes and eyebrows. I was a little hesitant because this was a little out of my comfort zone. When it startind coming together, it was really extraordinary! I love it! I will definately try it again without worries.

It is beautiful in normal lighting, however when the lights are dim it takes on a different tone and comes alive! I do hope that my photography does it justice.

Elvis Presley 19 1/4″ x 16 1/2″

This is not my favorite because I used too many fabrics with the same values of green. This image is up because I wanted to show that I do make mistakes. This image will be created with different colors and he will be his handsome self again.