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Mick Jagger 17 1/2″ x 19 1/2″

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This piece took two weeks to complete and I used cotton fabrics with fusibles. When I see this piece on my wall, it looks like it was made with clay. I can see what appears to be finger trails and marks. This image is leading me to a different type of art. It looks like a sculpture. The colors that were chosen were ony 12. original photo that I used This palette will be used again in another image, so check my page often.


Marilyn Monroe 18″ x 20″

Marilyn Monroe 18″ x 20″

Originally uploaded by diana.bracy

This piece was made using hundreds of fabric pieces, some as little as 1/4 inch! The palette was made using 9 batik and handdyed fabrics. It appears like many more colors were used because the selected fabrics have several colors within one piece. The focus was to make her lips red and the palette called for the same color red in nose, eyes and eyebrows. I was a little hesitant because this was a little out of my comfort zone. When it startind coming together, it was really extraordinary! I love it! I will definately try it again without worries.

It is beautiful in normal lighting, however when the lights are dim it takes on a different tone and comes alive! I do hope that my photography does it justice.

Ray Charles 15″ x 20″

Ray Charles 15″ x 20″

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When I finished this image, I did not really “see” the face and thought that I had made my first mistake in choosing colors. My husband loved it and saw the details of his gray hair, nose, sunglasses and teeth. Unimpressed, I hung it on the wall and continued with another piece. When I was looking at it close up, it looked like an abstract blob. Two days later, I was walking down my hallway and suddenly, I saw everything! It was hanging in anotther room and I was WOWED!
When you stand away the image seems to magically appear. So stand away from your computer and you will see it too. Some people even squint to make it clearer!

Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Originally uploaded by diana.bracy

This image uses a palette that look so realistic. When I look at it, it seems like he’s in the room. It took about 60 hours to complete and I used 9 colors. The medium is fabric, fusible and a tricot backing. When the lights are dimmed, you can really see the dimensions and the colors seem to recede in the background. The picture looks so real!

Stand away from your computer screen to get the better view. It measures 13 1/2″ x 18″.