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Obama Fabric Photo Portrait

Obama Fabric Photo Portrait

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To obtain this image, I used a photograph that was scanned into my computer. Batik and hand dyed fabrics were used to finish the Art. Thousands of small pieces were used in this process. The colors are from the fabric and not from paint, even though it appears to look like a painting!


Kennedy Brothers “Whispering”

Kennedy Brothers “Whispering”
This piece shows the Kennedy brothers whispering measures 21 x 17 1/4. What do you think they are discussing? This picture is so endearing. Again, I have used my usual batik, hand dyed and commercial cotton fabrics to complete this image. You can actually see their neck ties in the photo. You may need to sit back away from your computer to see it better. It reminds me a little of abstract art. I used twelve different fabrics for the palette. This one strikes a very tender cord in my heart. THIS PIECE RECEIVED A FINE ARTS AWARD AT BOULER CITY’S 23RD ANNUAL FINE ARTS FESTIVAL ON APRIL 19 AND 20 IN BOULDER CITY, NEVADA!!!!! This was my first Fine Arts Festival and I am so proud to have share the common ground with more than 100 other wonderful Artists from 7 southwestern states.