Boulder City Fine Arts Award

Originally uploaded by diana.bracy

This is my first Juried Fine Arts Show in April of 2008. I was so shocked that they called my name and gave me the award!

When I was setting up at this event, there were over 100 very talented artists from 7 Southwestern states. When I saw their Art, I began shaking like a leaf. I was afraid that they send me home because my Art was nothing like the beautiful pieces I saw there. The judges kept coming back to my booth with stern looks and whispering between themselves. My wonderful husband, Vince, kept me on both feet and assured me that I did indeed, belong there. They called my name!

Needless to say, I was walking on air the entire weekend. Who knew? Little old me became a Juried Fine Artist. I am still reeling.


2 responses to “Boulder City Fine Arts Award

  1. Of course you are a juried fine artist! 🙂

  2. Donna, you are an amazing Artist and your compliment means the world to me.

    Please click on Donna Ridgeway’s link to see her beautiful paintings. Thanks again, Donna. As always, smiling, Diana

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