African Cradle Charity for Orphans

Cradle Charity Continues for Africa


The Cradle Crisis was brought to my attention a few days ago by a fellow WWAO (World Wide Women Artists Online) Artist, Robin Hernandez. Robin emailed a chat about how proud she felt to have made a cradle to donate to a charity and it has been published in “The Cradle Book”.  This is Robin’s blog to read her story

I followed the link to and read the story of how Naomi Natale visited Africa and witnessed the devastation of sub-Saharan orphans dying from HIV/AIDS. She said that she felt helpless and vowed to return with something tangible.

While continuing to read about her monumental task of asking Artists, from everywhere, to make cradles from salvaged items, depicting the lives of lost babies and living orphans, my heart became very heavy. The donated cradles would be auctioned to raise funds.

As I looked through the images of the cradles, my tears began to flow looking at the empty beds and realizing the deep loss and pain that they are struggling to live through each day. I could no longer see the pages through my grief. In a small way of helping, I ordered the book and will link to their site, hopefully to promote the book. At the very least, to show awareness that we may not see the suffering, but it is definitely there.

The Cradle Project
Benefiting Firelight Foundation

HIV/AIDS and poverty threaten the safety and survival of an estimated 48 million orphans and vulnerable children across Sub-Saharan Africa. The Cradle Project, founded by Naomi Natale, is a fundraising art installation designed to promote awareness and raise financial support to help feed, shelter, and educate these children.

Firelight Foundation was chosen as the sole beneficiary of funds raised by the Project because of its successful track record in making a real difference in children’s lives.

Seventy-six of the more than 500 cradles featured in this historic and unprecedented art installation have been beautifully captured in The Cradle Project Book, a stunning compilation of pieces from around the world.

The Cradle Project Book is now available for purchase


Thanks for visiting and I will leave you with this inspirational video and song by Bono and Alisha Keys on YouTube. Click on the link below                                                                                                                                  

Here is an open email from Kerrie Olson, Founder and President of Firelight Foundation, thanking me for this blog page:

Thanks for adding the firelight website to your blog. You have my permission to use a portion of the email in the blog. 

   Take good care,
On Oct 9, 2008, at 2:53 PM, <> <> wrote:
Hello Kerry Olson,

 Thank you very much for contacting me regarding your wonderful foundation. It is amazing to know that $1 a day can make such a huge difference for a family. My heart aches for these families and those gone, that could no longer wait for our help.

 Yes, I have redirected the link to your organization for any purchases that my little audience may make. I am hopeful that I am able to make a difference by even selling one book. Someone else may tell 10 people and they will talk about it and decide to help.

I would like to request the permission to post a portion of this email on the page.


If there is anything on the page that you recommend that I edit, I would be more than happy to do so. I am a quilt Artist and not a writer. Smiles,
—- Kerry Olson <> wrote:
Hello Bracy,

 I was just forwarded your message thanking Juniper Stein for the quick
mailing of the Cradle Project book. Thank you so much for promoting
the book and the work that it supports. This was a great project and
the funds that it generated are making a real difference for children
orphaned and affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. As you know, every
dollar from the sale of each book goes to support grassroots
organizations in Africa that are addressing the needs of children.
You would be surprised and inspired to see how far $25 goes on the
ground at the community level in Africa, where half the population
lives on less than $1 a day.


I was moved by your blog and your interest in the issues. You can
learn more about Firelight’s work at


I have one request. I noticed that you have directed folks to the
cradle project website for the book. The book is actually for sale on
the Firelight Foundation website above (the Cradle Project ended in
July with the sale of the cradles). Would it be possible for you to
direct people who are interested in purchasing the book to Firelight’s



Thank you again for your heart for children,


Kerry Olson
Founder and President
Firelight Foundation

740 Front Street
Suite 380
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: 831-429-8750
Fax: 831-429-2036


6 responses to “African Cradle Charity for Orphans

  1. Diana, this is such a beautiful and heartwarming entry about the Cradle Project. Thank you, again, for your continued support.

    love & peace,

  2. Robin, I thank you for making a cradle. I thank you for telling us about the “Cradle Book”. I thank you for allowing me to share your cause by giving it a page for other to know.

    My book arrived this morning and my heart is warmed again. This will be a coffee table book for my guests. I can show them your cradle and tell them that I know you. I will always remember. Diana

  3. I love this site, thank you!! Do you know how I can add this charity to my website so people can donate through me and the money will come to you?
    Love to you,

    • Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your interest in the Cradle Project. You are welcome to copy and paste any part of my page, including the link. Any donations that may occur, due to my site is wonderful and Iwill have helped the foundation to help families in Africa. None of the funds are seen by me. I have just given them a page on my blog to allow others, like your kind spirit, to be able to do the same or make donations directly to Firelight Foundation. The book is also for sale by purchasing on the same link. Thanks so much, Diana

  4. Wisdom Zunguzungu Nyirenda

    I was so encouraged with what firelight foundation has been doing. I was inpsired by its programs and I am really wishing the Founder and the intire members good lucky in their humanity services and hope that one day I will be part of the volunteer team offering social services to the need and vulnerable groups in all works of life.

  5. I was so inspired by the foundation programs I am always beasy trying to find out how can I can I become a member of the Foundation by Offering My Social Services to the Vulnerable groups especially Children, My word is keep it up for the job weldone and its my prayer that God should keep on blessing the Charity works of the Foundation

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