About Me

My Bio: Artist: Fabric Photo Art, Fiber Arts/Mixed Media and ACEO/ATC

Las Vegas, Nevada

Contact: bracys@cox.net or diana.bracy@yahoo.com

About Me:
My ultimate passion is making ordinary photographs into Fabric Art Quilts. This is my 5th year of working with fused batiks and hand dyed fabrics. This process started more than 10 years ago with making Watercolor or Color wash floral quilts and wall hangings. A few years later, I began making Mosaic Photo Quilts from ordinary photographs for family members as gifts. Now, the Art that I am creating is actually smoothing out the edges of the mosaic tiled pieces and making gently curved shapes for a more realistic image.

Normally, I begin with a black and white photograph and select my fabrics to add the color as shades or values to make the image. The lighter colors are whites of eyes and darkest are shadows of hair or maybe pupils of the eyes. I prefer to use colors that are vibrant and unexpected, even though I have made a few with real skin or true colors.

A few of the pieces are only strips of fabric, such as the Mannequin and the Golden Lab. This process can be done in a weekend. Most of the other pieces are for purchase or I will even create personal images from your photographs! Contact me at bracys@cox.net and enter in subject line: My Photo Art.

Creating these pieces is so therapeutic and soothing for my soul. I hope that I have shown the passion and calmness in my Art to you, that I feel as I create each piece. If so, I have achieved my goal. I appreciate your visit and hope you visit often while I continue to create.

I thank all of the Fine Artists that have accepted my friendship here on this site, as well as my other affiliations. I am honored and proud to be associated with all of you.


ETSY: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5433461 (shows prices)
Design Style Guide: http://designstyleguide.ning.com/profile¬/DianaBracy
DIY City Guide: http://diycityguides.ning.com/profile/DianaBracy
Fiberarts/Mixed Media: http://fiberartsmixedmedia.ning.com/profile/DianaBracy
Fiber Arts for Obama: http://www.flickr.com/groups/fiberartistsforobama/
Fiber Focus: http://fiberfocus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    My Space: http://www.myspace.com/dianabracyning.com/profile/DianaBracy
WWAO: http://worldwidewomenartists.blogspot.com/

14 responses to “About Me

  1. Diana, your work is absolutely amazing–not just the details and colors, but also the subject matter. Incredible!

  2. Robin, thanks so much. You are so multi-talented, so coming from you, I am truly grateful. To see Robin’s site check my blogroll or click here: http://www.robinhernandez.com/index.html

  3. Aloha Diana,
    I am amazed at your ablilty creating with fabric. You are a fantastic artist and person!
    malama pono,

  4. Thank you Schar. As you know I love your vivid colors and beautiful art. You can see her site and read about her interesting classes, art and cultural music. She is on my blogroll or just
    link: http://scharart.blogspot.com/2008/09/art-for-changeexperience-one.html She is also a member of WWAO. Thanks again, Diana

  5. Love your work. I’ve just tagged you over on my blog! Hope you’ll play along – it’s a good way to get some promotion. Check out the rules at

  6. I am a bit of an amature quilter. I have to say I have never seen ANYTHING like what you do. It is really quite incredible. Your work is true inspiration!!

  7. Thank you Trish. Welcome to the quilting world! There are limitless quilting ideas and so much so learn while having fun. You are probably “addicted” to quilting as we all are. I just kept going until I found “my style”, which is Artsy or Contemporary. You never stop learning and I am still discovering new things, Diana

  8. Your work is amazing! Wish I could take your class! Wow!

  9. I am still amazed at your work no matter how many times I view it. It really is exquisite! Enjoy a
    Happy and Creative New Year!!!!

  10. I had to add you to my blog sidebar for others to enjoy.

  11. Pat, thank you very much. I also love your crazy quilting and very lovely garden where much of your inspirations are born. I have linked you in my blogroll. Thank You Again, Diana

  12. Diana, I am one of your many quilt friends. I would love to take a class with you or from you when I get to Vegas. Do you have a schedule for 2009 or 2010?

  13. Thanks so much for your comment, you can reach me at bracys@ cox.net for a class schedule. Thanks, Diana

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