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Boulder City Arts Festival April 19 20 2008 (14)cropped

This is a photo of the Award that I received for the “Kennedy Brother’s Whispering” at Boulder City Fine Arts Festival, in Boulder City, Nevada. You can also see Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Boulder City Fine Arts Award

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This is my first Juried Fine Arts Show in April of 2008. I was so shocked that they called my name and gave me the award!

When I was setting up at this event, there were over 100 very talented artists from 7 Southwestern states. When I saw their Art, I began shaking like a leaf. I was afraid that they send me home because my Art was nothing like the beautiful pieces I saw there. The judges kept coming back to my booth with stern looks and whispering between themselves. My wonderful husband, Vince, kept me on both feet and assured me that I did indeed, belong there. They called my name!

Needless to say, I was walking on air the entire weekend. Who knew? Little old me became a Juried Fine Artist. I am still reeling.

Boulder City Festival Set Up 4/2008

This is where I won my very first Fine Arts Award for the “Kennedy Brother’s Whispering”. The actual photo is in my gallery for closer view. I am so very proud to have been awarded at my first show. I am now a Juried Fine Artist!

Louis Armstrong II 20″ x 24 1/2

This is my second Louis Armstrong Photo Art piece. This one is a close up of him blowing his trumpet. You can see his fingers on the left and his instrument to his mouth. The same medium was used as in all my others, fabric and fusible tricot. Standing away from your monitor gives a better view.

Obama Fabric Photo Portrait

Obama Fabric Photo Portrait

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To obtain this image, I used a photograph that was scanned into my computer. Batik and hand dyed fabrics were used to finish the Art. Thousands of small pieces were used in this process. The colors are from the fabric and not from paint, even though it appears to look like a painting!

Mick Jagger 17 1/2″ x 19 1/2″

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This piece took two weeks to complete and I used cotton fabrics with fusibles. When I see this piece on my wall, it looks like it was made with clay. I can see what appears to be finger trails and marks. This image is leading me to a different type of art. It looks like a sculpture. The colors that were chosen were ony 12. original photo that I used This palette will be used again in another image, so check my page often.